Mopdog in 2012

It’s been a big year at Mopdog Creative + Strategy–2012 was full of growth and new beginnings. I sat down with our Topdog, Bill Musial, to find out exactly what this year has meant for the business. See what he had to say!

What are you the most proud of in 2012?

After thinking for a second, Bill quickly expressed his excitement for the team he has built this year. “We have all the right people working well together.” After adding seven new employees, the Mopdog pack has a team of knowledgeable resources and an invaluable collection of experience.

What kind of growth have you seen this year?

“Well we tried to put bunk beds in, but that didn’t work,” said Bill as he thought about his static office and his growing team. In 2012 Mopdog has gained 32 new clients, countless amounts of new projects and 2,501 square feet of new office space. Once the pack began outgrowing the doghouse, Bill knew it was time to expand. After purchasing the suite next door and adding the Mopdog touch, each employee now has their own space and playing “musical desks” will be left behind in 2012.

Where do you see the company in 2013?

Aside from the opportunity 2013 presents, Bill can’t help but look forward to working in the new office environment. With room to think, work and create, Mopdog has all year to produce fresh new websites, distinctive branding and innovative marketing communications strategies. “2012 was great. I think 2013 can be even better.”

What’s your Mopdog New Year’s resolution?

This one was easy. “Get rid of the last remaining PC in the office and learn how to use Apple TV!”

The Mopdog pack would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013. Thank you to our friends and clients for a successful 2012. We look forward to what the New Year brings. See our special holiday message below.

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