Like, Retweet, Share, Pin – Do it All! It’s Social Media Day!

Posted on June 30, 2017, by mopdog

Whether for personal fun or business marketing, many of us around the office enjoy our social media! How can you choose from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.?

We’ve got them all up and being used today in honor of Social Media Day!

Social Media Fun Facts:

  • More people own a cell phone than a toothbrush (The Content Factory).
  • Food is the top category on Pinterest making up 57 percent of discussions (Search Engine Journal).
  • Snapchat users watch 6 billion videos daily (Brand Watch).
  • People are spending 1 out of every 7 minutes on Facebook when online (Search Engine Journal).
  • More have 16 billion photos have been uploaded through Instagram (Word Stream).
  • 6,000 tweets are sent every second (Brand Watch).
  • Around 46 percent of web users look toward social media to make a purchase (Search Engine Journal).
  • CEOs on average have 930 LinkedIn connections (Brand Watch).


There’s many ways you can utilize social media to promote your business! Just to name a few:

  • Share your services with your customers
  • Add personality to your brand with pictures and humor
  • Keep your audience informed of any news or upcoming events
  • Create online offers only to engage your audience on specific platforms


Social media is one of our many specialties at Mopdog, and we’d love to help your brand get social! Connect with us for more information!


Looking for a way to celebrate Social Media Day in the office? Take our fun survey on the differences of technology use through various generations, and compare it with your coworkers!


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