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Google is constantly coming up with new keyword search tools.  The most recent tool, Google Instant, launched without many users noticing. I realized the other day when searching Google that I no longer have to finish a thought, Google will do it for me! As a user simply type a keyword word in the search box and Google predicts results as you type. This is a great tool to help guide the user when they are not quite sure what exactly they are looking for. As a business this can help users find your business through the prediction phase, when it may not have appeared in their full search.

To the left  is an example of how Google Instant works, the user typed in “Instant Grat.” Automatically Google predicted the user was looking for instant gratification, instant gratification quote, instant gratification generation, or instant gratification definition and listed results relating to those topics. If Instant gratification was in fact what the user was searching for they would have to look no further.

Recently I discovered another great keyword search tool, the Google Wonder Wheel. This tool has been around for about a year but has not received as much hype as it should. The only problem is the Wonder Wheel is not compatible with Google Instant, so you must disable Instant before you can use this tool. To disable Google Instant simply click “search settings” on the top right corner of the main Google search page. Then disable “Google Instant” and save your preferences.  Once you have changed your settings you are able experience the visual mind map that is the Google Wonder Wheel!  Merely type your keyword or phrase in the search box and select the Wonder Wheel tool located on the left side under “standard view.”

The wheel filters results and finds the most relevant words related to the original keywords and presents them in a visually pleasing display.  For me this mind map visual was a flash back to elementary school when one of my teachers told us to make “spider webs” to organize our thoughts. Not only are you able to see the your topic organized in the “web” but the link to each phrase or keyword is listed on the right side as well, so you can easily learn more on that topic.  If the wheel gives you a keyword you would like to explore further, you can simply select that term and another wheel will build off that topic. So potentially you can build a thought, off a thought, off a thought.

This tool is perfect for someone like me who might not know exactly what they are searching for but has a relative idea. The Wonder Wheel saves you time by eliminating the amount of research time on a topic. It can also save businesses money by narrowing the list of keywords or phrases that are most popular and relate to their product or service. That’s right a free tool that saves you time and money.

“A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times.“ – Baltasar Gracian

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