Three Phases of Doing Social Media Right

Posted on April 11, 2017, by Chelsea

In today’s world of technology, it’s easy for your content to be lost in the clutter and noise of all of the other news and content on the web. How, then can you ensure your efforts will not be wasted and your content will be read?

You might think having your company on one social media platform will help you narrow your audience and engage that group, but if you stick to one medium, you’re probably missing out on more of your audience who’s more active elsewhere. Having a presence on the main three social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – will help you better find out which your clientele uses most. Depending on the company and services/products provided, you might also look into other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

Whichever platforms you decide to use, make sure you do them well. This might seem pretty obvious, but here are some tips to strategize, organize and discover what works best for your business.


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  • Have a presence on the main social media channels and see where you’re gaining the most reach, engagement and conversions. Once you learn the platforms right for your company, work to really excel in those.
  • Quality over quantity; at the end of the day, you need to ensure your online content backs up the message your company wants to deliver. Receiving a lot of likes and comments might look great on the surface, but creating content that will go deeper than the surface and help you increase your ROI is more important.
  • As a rule of thumb for audiences on each platform, Pew Research Center says:
    • Facebook is used more by women and by senior citizens.
    • Twitter is more for people under 50 with a college education.
    • Instagram is great for women and young adults ages 18-29.
    • Pinterest is mostly used by women and young people.
    • LinkedIn is a hub for college grads and higher income households.



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  • Creating content calendars to know what content will be delivered where and when is the first step to organization, helping you also see if you’re following the marketing strategy you initially generated.
  • The same content doesn’t have to go on every platform each day. You can have different messages that all back up your company’s mission and goals in order to reach each audience effectively.
  • Use websites like Hootsuite to schedule your content and track your company, keywords and any activity of your posts.



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  • Where are you receiving the most engagement? If there’s a platform that you aren’t gaining any traction, your company might benefit from scrapping it all together. Check that your returns are greater than the effort you’re putting in.
  • Track and measure your results with management tools such as Sprout Social and Simply Measured.



Not sure how to take charge in some of these areas? Need help with your online marketing strategy?

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