Should You Keep Publishing?

Posted on June 21, 2017, by Chelsea

The short answer: absolutely.

But we can’t leave it at that now can we? We live in a generation of “why,” always needing an explanation for the things we are told we should and shouldn’t do.

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The quick and simple reasons you should keep adding to your blog:

The market changes, and so should you.

As technology advances, products change and your business updates accordingly, you should be sharing the news with your customers, clients and potential audience. You never know when a new change could spark a new audience as well. So show the world that you are evolving with the market and improving your services and products. Even if your products and services aren’t changing, new trends and lifestyle changes can ignite a new use of your brand.


Develop a personality for your brand.

We like to have fun in office at Mopdog, so we also like to intermingle our personality and office shenanigans with helpful tools that companies looking to improve their online presence can benefit from (like this blog). Show your audience that there are real people working for your company.


Gain credibility.

Who do you read articles from most often? People and companies that are constantly putting content on the web, gaining credibility and strengthening their name brand with each publication. When you let your blog remain silent for months and even weeks at a time, you’re diminishing the influence you have on your audience.


Let people know you’re still here.

Have you ever wondered if a company is still open for business because their last blogs, updates, social media posts, etc. were from a year ago or longer? Maintaining a blog and promoting it on social media is an easy and effective way to remind people about your company and show them you’re still available for them.


If you’re reading this and see the benefits that blogging has to offer your company, but you just don’t have time to commit to the constant communication with and for your audience, let us know! We love to blog, we’d love to help and we could talk about any topic all day, every day!

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