New Year, New You!

Posted on January 26, 2017, by mopdog

Hey, do you remember 2016? Neither do we, because it’s 2017 now and everything has changed!

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Okay, so not everything has changed, but your marketing strategy for the New Year definitely can! No matter how 2016 went for your business, there’s a couple of different ways you can keep your marketing on track…or get it back on track!

-Keep Your Brand Consistent. It’s a new year, and sometimes the arrival of a new year can tempt us into doing something completely off-brand. It’s okay to have those temptations. BUT, you should always come back around to your brand. Trying new things can be effective for your business only if those new things are actually beneficial to the brand you’ve established.

-Put a New Focus on Content. If you want people to notice your business or share your material, you have to put out the best content possible. People will only take notice of the content if it’s interesting. Take a look at how you’re doing things now, and regardless of how you feel about it, ask yourself, “What can we do to improve this?”

-Take a Closer Look at Your Social Media Presence. This will be especially helpful if you feel like your social media presence has been a bit out of focus. Take a good look at what you do on social media and figure out which platforms are the most useful to your brand. Then you can start thinking about using the information you gather to determine which social platforms your business should or shouldn’t prioritize.

If reflecting on your marketing strategies has you stressed and needing help, let us know! It’s kind of our job to make you look good.

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