Why Be Social?

Posted on March 29, 2017, by Chelsea

It’s easy to look at all of the companies participating on social media and wonder why they feel the need to be on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. With all of the clutter and conversation that takes place minute by minute, are any businesses actually gaining from their time on social media? Why should you get involved and be social?

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Here are great ways your business can benefit as listed by Forbes:

  • Increase Brand Recognition: By increasing your visibility to a bigger online presence, you are able to reach out to your current customers easier while also accessing new customers simultaneously.
  • Gain Loyalty: A study by Convince&Convert found that 53 percent of Americans are more loyal to the brands they follow on social media. These people will turn to social media when they have things to say about your services and products, thus gaining more attention and recognition to your company.
  • More Conversion Opportunities: Every post on social media is an opportunity for someone to make a conversion. These opportunities as well as the humanizing effect that social media has on brands results in higher conversion rates as well.
  • Decrease Marketing Costs: Hubspot found that 84 percent of marketers saw increased traffic generated to their website when they put in even as little as six hours onto social media. Boosting posts on Twitter and Facebook is relatively cheap.
  • Better SEO: Watch your rankings on search engines increase as you build a stronger online presence with multiple social media platforms. The more active you are on these accounts, the more trustworthy and credible your company will look to these search engines like Google.
  • Customer Service and Insights: With all your current and potential customers at your fingertips, you can respond to them faster and easier, showcasing your customer service publicly. Thanking followers for complements and shout outs, or responding to complaints and questions will only humanize your brand more and show others that you care. In the same way, you can learn about your customers through social media, gaining insights as to what they want to see in your company, what they like and dislike and what you need to improve.


And occasionally, you can let your company have some true personality while still gaining great feedback and recognition. One very recent example is Wendy’s. Check out what we mean >

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If done well and with a strategy in mind, social media can benefit your company, attracting new target markets, sparking conversation and engagement in a new way and improving your ROI.

Could your company benefit from being more social?

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