We ❤️ Our Employees!

Posted on March 3, 2017, by mopdog

We’re so thankful for each and every dog on our team! All of our staff members bring great qualities to the doghouse, creating the dream team we like to call Mopdog.

But for National Employee Appreciation Day, we want to highlight the one who’s been playing in the dog park the longest, Tricia!

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Graduate of Ferris State University in Michigan, Tricia has been working with Mopdog since 2002. That means she will reach 15 years in May!

Senior designer by day, Tricia can be found hiking the trails of Kennesaw Mountain by night. She is a Co-Director of Social Events and a Trip Leader for the Atlanta Outdoor Club (AOC). Through AOC, she has participated in many hikes and trips, with many more planned for the future. One to note is in September, where she will be hiking at Glacier National Park in Montana for a week!

When she’s not creating amazing designs for Mopdog or hiking outdoors, Tricia enjoys playing with her cat Snickers. Yes, even we like to play nice with cats!


Learn more about Tricia and the others in our doghouse here >

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