WANTED: Master of Memes

Posted on September 5, 2017, by Bill

Rumor has it that Northwestern University is now offering meme degrees to students!



If you are one of the inaugural Master of Memes ready to change the world with this beautiful talent, WE WANT YOU! Please contact iwantajob@mopdog.com if you believe you are the perfect candidate for the following position.


Job Description:

The ideal Master of Memes will spend countless hours scrolling through social media feeds to discover the up and coming faces ready to go viral before BuzzFeed finds them. Every sentence that comes out of the Master of Memes’ mouth should be quote-worthy, even when off the clock. We can always use a good laugh around the office, so the ideal candidate should also be prepared to brighten up the office with a new and relevant meme on the hour every hour.


Pre-Screening Interview Questions:
  • What are your three favorite memes and why?
  • What meme best represents you as an employee?
  • How will you make Mopdog meme-famous?



💰💵💸💲 (Actual emoji payment)


We don’t take the hiring process lightly, and we know that meme choreography allows candidates to fully embrace the perfect meme. Be prepared to give your best interpretative meme dance. Take notes from this guy:


 Source: Student Problems Facebook Page


We look forward to receiving your resume and cover letter expressing why you are the perfect Master of Memes for Mopdog (we fully expect your resume to contain at least 3 memes). Send documents to iwantajob@mopdog.com.

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