Topdog’s Top 2017 Thankful Treats

Posted on November 22, 2017, by Bill

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As we get ready to close out another year, I am reminded of the many people and events in my life to be grateful for, including the relationships we’ve built with clients, both new and old, and the business we’ve been blessed to receive this year. Below are some other treats I am thankful for in 2017:

Hooded sweatshirts and wool gloves.

Standing outside in the Northeast watching my son Zach play lacrosse just wouldn’t be the same without something to keep me warm. As much as it makes me all warm inside watching him play, a hoodie, wool gloves and, oh yes, wind pants sure help.

Texting and the Internet.

Without these useful tools, my son Cole couldn’t do all the research he sends me on new trucks and job opportunities for his next journey in life. He’s graduating trade school and who knows where he will be next year. But as long as I have texting and the Internet, we can always stay in touch. I might even get a phone call every once and a while, too.

Wine and cheese.

With all the crazy days and nights filled with work, travel and trying to sell our house, it’s nice to share a bottle of wine and some cheese with Cheryl. At the end of a crazy day, we can sit down and call it dinner. Even just for a short time, it’s nice having a break with just the two of us. I might be a little more thankful for the wine.

I hope you’re able to reflect on the treats in your life to be thankful for as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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