Assembling a Quality Marketing Strategy

Posted on April 7, 2017, by mopdog

Figuring out the best way to present your business to potential customers can be tricky. How can you properly convey what your mission is all about? What words or images should you use to let potential customers know that you’re on their side? Not long ago, U.S. Cabinet Depot was grappling with some of these same questions.

Our dog pack at Mopdog Creative + Strategy was fortunate enough to help U.S. Cabinet Depot answer some of these questions. When they presented us with their situation, we presented them with a marketing strategy and brand image that allowed their customers to see how much they mattered to the company.

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Our services with them included:

  • A complete rebrand of the company, which gave it a whole new look and feel.
  • Event management for a tradeshow U.S. Cabinet Depot attended, and planning for a V.I.P. party hosted for their customers.
  • Creating buttons and other marketing materials to be handed out at the tradeshow.

Wondering how it turned out? Learn more about U.S. Cabinet Depot and the work we did for them in our case study!

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