Topdog for President!

Posted on November 2, 2016, by mopdog

Of all the political commentary we’ve heard this election season, perhaps the most repeated phrase we’ve heard is, “Do we really have to choose between THESE two?” The answer, luckily, is no!

Understanding that it is rather late in the game, our Topdog, Mopdog Creative Director Bill Musial, is throwing his hat into the proverbial ring and running for the highest office: President of the United States! He will be running as the presidential candidate from the esteemed Unicorn Party. Fundraising will not be a problem, and campaign materials are already making rounds across the Internet. Check out some of his promotional items below!

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What? Issues? Oh, right! The Topdog’s main platform is that the first step to a healthy America is getting people to agree on something. And by, “something,” we mean, “literally anything.” Once that is accomplished, we as a people can move forward into greater things. The Topdog will be releasing a series of videos before Election Day outlining his exact stances on important policy issues, such as the economy, holidays, work weeks and the inaccuracy of the Gregorian calendar.

Keep your eyes on over the coming days and follow Mopdog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further announcements from the candidate.

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