What’s Trending in 2017?

Posted on April 5, 2017, by mopdog

At the beginning of each calendar year, those involved in the marketing industry like to look ahead and assess what trends could become potential staples of the year ahead. Now that we are several months into 2017, we figured it would be beneficial to take a look the year so far and re-evaluate which trends could be taking a major foothold in the web design space.Image perceived to contain Paper Art Drawing  on the What’s Trending in 2017? - Marietta & Kennesaw GA page

Bold Typography – 2016 marked a year where designers pushed the boundaries of what was expected for typeface on a homepage, but 2017 is looking to branch out even more. We’re seeing more and more websites use large, bold typeface to headline homepages, with any other included content taking a background role in smaller, more minimal typefaces

Brand-Themed Illustration – Moppy is certainly glad to hear this trend is making a comeback! As the marketplace is becoming more and more crowded, it’s more important than ever for your brand to stand apart from the crowd as something bold and unique. Many brands have already found success using these types of illustrations, and it appears that the industry is following their lead.

Cinemagraphs – While 2016 taught designers how to use the Internet’s love of GIFs to catch a viewer’s eye, cinemagraphs look to be the next step in the evolution of the GIF. Cinemagraphs are technically still photos that only have some moving components. It’s a being hailed as a “more professional” form of GIF that can be a truly captivating image if done correctly.

Image perceived to contain Buddha Person Shrine Temple  on the What’s Trending in 2017? - Marietta & Kennesaw GA pageDuotone – Sometimes the most creative approach to design can be the simplest. “Duotone” is the kind of word that invokes some complex meaning, but in reality, it’s just an image that’s composed of two colors. It sounds almost too simple to be true, but 2017 has already seen an increase of web pages that use this visual tactic.

While it’s still only April and trends can fade out as quickly as they fade in, these trends look like they’re probably here to stay…until 2018 rolls around, of course.

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