The Power of Print

Posted on September 26, 2017, by Tricia

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. Technology advances daily, younger and younger children are becoming addicted to their devices and business are reaching their audiences online.

Still, there’s nothing greater than watching people stop in their tracks when they’re caught off guard by amazing print advertising. Maybe it’s a billboard that catches the eye, posters hung up in an office or even in direct mail pieces sent to consumers. Any way it’s printed, bold colors, strong fonts and quality words and pictures can grab the attention of millions of people, even if only for a minute while they look away from their screens.

While you might think that print advertising is irrelevant and unnecessary, especially with the millennial generation, a study by USPS on direct mail relevance proves otherwise.

84 percent of millennials take time to look through mail (USPS).

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50 percent of millennials say they ignore digital ads, while only 15 percent say they ignore direct mail (USPS).

All that to say, you can’t ignore the power of print. If done correctly and strategically, print advertising can continue to make an impact in your business’ audience. And that’s where Mopdog comes in. We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and crafted thousands of print advertising pieces. We just recently completed a wedding magazine advertisement for one client in particular, The Georgian Club, which is a business resource for entertaining clients, networking with community leaders, hosting private meeting and attending educational events – all while experiencing the finest in personal service and cuisine.

Prior to this advertisement, we also completed a campaign advertising their tailgates before Braves games. This package included some print advertisements, such as posters, as well as digital advertisements. View that work and The Georgian Club’s case study »

Contact us for more information, or to get started on your next advertising campaign, whether for print or digital.

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