Technology Through the Ages: A Survey

Posted on June 14, 2017, by Chelsea

The other week at lunch with Bill, we were swapping stories about older family members on Facebook, the amount of sharing, commenting and posting they do and how children are typically “supposed to know” all there is to know about fixing technology for our parents or grandparents.

Then it dawned on Bill – we can’t be the only ones that feel this way. Acting on our interest to see the differences between what devices, social media platforms and uses of each various generations, we put together a quick and fun survey to fill out!

While you’re online anyways, take five minutes to share your personal technology experiences and use, and then share it with your family when you’re all gathered for Father’s Day this weekend! Trust me, it will be a great conversation starter if you don’t already joke about the struggle of technology use between different generations!


Take the survey online here >


Download the survey to share with friends and family >

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