Take Away Some Gifting Advice on National Give Something Away Day

Posted on July 15, 2015, by mopdog

image on page for  / perceived to contain Computer Electronics LCD Screen Laptop Pc Hold on tight to that silly plush toy, playful squeeze ball or perfect free writing pen on your office desk…because today is National Give Something Away Day.

Obviously today is the perfect excuse to donate to charity and spoil your coworkers with food or…more food. But today, our marketing strategists and creative designers at Mopdog encourage companies to select company-branded giveaways—tchotchkes, trinkets and collectables—to be passed out during an upcoming special event.


The Gifts that Keeps on Giving
One of the most obvious reasons to order a bundle of useful, high-quality items—complete with a company logo—is as gifts to employees and clients in celebration of a special milestone (anniversary) or for a holiday (Christmas or Thanksgiving).

View the great gifting ideas our expert event planners and marketing professionals have already tracked down on one of Mopdog’s Pinterest boards.


From Our Business to Your Business
image on page for  / perceived to contain White Board At Mopdog, we often serve the B2B market by working with national or international software and health care companies. Most of the time, these clients are in the market for unique promotional items to dispense at trade shows, conventions and other sales-oriented events.

But other times, our clients call on Mopdog to craft an entire package that will be delivered directly to the target audience. Cypress Care, part of a larger Healthcare Solutions family that provides solutions for workers’ compensation claim filing, initiated a project to develop a fun giveaway to help customers relax…because Cypress Care has their clients covered.



Mopdog designed hard-stock cardboard boxes to look like a suitcase, with a special tropical design. The suitcase was filled with goodies for a vacation…a Desk Vacation. The Mopdog team pitched a broad range of 10 to 15 items. In the end, the suitcase included sunglasses, a deflated beach ball, a tumbler filled with drink mixers and cocktail umbrellas, and informative Cypress Care collateral. View the entire Desk Vacation Mopdog crafted for Cypress Care.


All Together Now
image on page for  / perceived to contain Brochure Flyer Paper Poster There are also those unique occasions where our clients want very professional, high-end, customized items that will elevate an entire experience. This type of assignment is normally geared to green-friendly, recyclable materials or hand-made gifts.

For years, EPI-USE has been hosting Client Advisory Board meetings. This unique, yearly opportunity to “Collaborate. Inspire. Innovate.” pulls together senior decision-makers and stakeholders, from some of the most respected multinational corporations in the world. Most recently, EPI-USE wanted to use the CAB event to reinforce the company’s message about environmental and social responsibility.

Mopdog ordered EPI-USE inscribed pens, journals, wooden boxes, tote bags, champagne glasses, all-weather jackets and special edition, coffee table photography books, and shipped the items across the country. Then our team personally assembled these luxury gifts before the big event. To see how Mopdog designed the welcome package to start the CAB experience off right, view the entire case study for EPI-USE’s ERP Event.

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