Romance Is in the Air at Mopdog

Posted on February 3, 2015, by mopdog

Love is in the air, or at least on many of the computer screens, at Mopdog this month. Senior Designer Adam Stephenson has fallen for two artists who sought out Mopdog for high-level web development and book cover design. Truthfully, Adam may not be in love with the artists, Karla Harris and Annie Oortman, but they did inspire him to create great work!

A Love Song
Image perceived to contain Logo Trademark  on the Romance Is in the Air at - Marietta & Kennesaw GA pageKarla Harris is a jazz vocalist and recording artist. From Los Angeles to Atlanta to Portland, she has performed intimately in premier jazz rooms and in combination with big bands at festivals.

Karla’s professional website was ten years old. Being so outdated, it was clunky, image heavy and the platform was not responsive on mobile devices. In order to invest in a new website, Karla wanted the ability to easily update content herself, including information about performances and space dedicated to a blog.

Mopdog started the updated look with a new logo. Adam then created a more elegant website,, using great photography provided by the client that led him aesthetically. Now Adam hopes to design more websites for artists, who know how to take some chances with design and romance.

A Love Note
Image perceived to contain Flyer Poster Brochure Sign  on the Romance Is in the Air at - Marietta & Kennesaw GA pageAnnie Oortman, born and raised in Pennsylvania, majored in journalism and minored in English writing before moving to South Florida for her first professional writing gig. It wasn’t long before Annie realized she needed to be more creative. After a period in Atlanta putting stories down on paper that had been swirling for years in her head, Annie is now a full-time indie author in Utah.

Annie came to Mopdog for a custom book jacket. Although Adam had never designed a book cover before, he wasn’t a complete novice to romance stories. He researched steamy covers to get into the spirit—and intrigue—needed for the assignment. After completing the entire book jacket, Adam received a signed copy with a special note from Annie.

Annie’s debut novel, ‘Til Death Us Do Part, recently hit the shelves. An adventure story and a romanced novel all-in-one, it asks, “Should a woman give the man that once loved her—then killed her—a second chance at either?”


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