The Left-Handed Issue Never Goes Away

Posted on August 14, 2017, by Bill

Growing up in school was always difficult as a lefty, with the desks shaped for right handers, pencil led forever on the side of my hand, and I won’t even mention the issue of trying to eat to the right of a right hander.

As you grow up and leave behind the school desks, pencils and ball gloves, you’d think the silver lining would be well on its way. But not quite. Here’s my list of life struggles as a left-handed adult:

Eating or working to the right of a right hander will always be a struggle. End of story.

Paying for anything with a credit card when the swipe is on the right (becoming thankful for the new chip in cards).

Using scissors is impossible unless you’re lucky enough to find the rare left-handed pair.

Crunching numbers with the number pad on the far right side of the keyboard.

Don’t bother buying really nice pens. The good ones result in more ink smeared as you write.

So here’s to a day devoted to being asked for the millionth time if you’re a lefty when you start writing!

Happy Left Handers Day!