We didn’t choose the dog life…

Posted on August 24, 2017, by Bill

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…the dog life chose us. No, really.


The agency first began as a freelance position in 1990 in Rhode Island. The business, named Bill Musial Advertising, became incorporated four years later in Indiana, where we worked in a basement with our two shih tzus.

Buying website domains became big in the 90s, and we realized that billmusialadvertising.com didn’t quite flow off the tongue. Instead, we chose mopdog.com, a name that surely all of our clients would remember from visiting the agency that had two mopdogs running around.

The URL clicked with our clients and thus, the Mopdog name was born.

We’re proud to take part in National Dog Day as the agency that provides doggone great work in design, development, multimedia, strategy and communication. Read about our services >

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