Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation


The Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation’s mission is to advance research initiatives that promote a better understanding, therapeutic strategies and a cure for a rare bone marrow failure syndrome.


The Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation volunteered to host the 13th Annual International Consensus Conference. It was very important for DBAF to express appreciation for the great impact researchers and scientists make on the lives of people with this syndrome.


Mopdog helped the cause by running the event registration online and sending out invitations. Our design team also developed collateral—name badges, signage, menus and a PowerPoint template to be used in presentations. Mopdog culled together a meeting booklet of more than 200 pages with an agenda, abstracts about the presenters and contact information for all the participants. Our team also filled welcome bags with a Thank You letter and items from the local area. Last, but not least, Mopdog staff coordinated at the event, checking in guests and kicking of the activities.