Cobb Alcohol Taskforce – Real Proof Campaign

About the Client

The Cobb Alcohol Taskforce is an alliance of individuals and organizations that mobilize and challenge Cobb County adults to reduce underage and youth binge drinking.


In partnership with the Cobb County School District, the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) awarded a grant to develop an educational, yet entertaining, awareness campaign addressing the effects and common misconceptions of underage and youth binge drinking.

Problem Solved

The Real Proof campaign included a series of real stories, or “man on the street” interviews. The messages were followed by real facts. Finally, the “real proof” came from examples of individual and community actions proven to reduce underage and youth binge drinking. Mopdog launched two phases of the “Real Proof” campaign, with the second phase kicking off right before high school prom season. The messages were delivered on Twitter @RealProofCobbAT, Facebook at facebook.com/realproofcobb and online at www.cobbat.org/realproof.