Action Ministries

About the Client

Action Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit that provides tools and expertise to several community partners and volunteers, who lead fellow Georgians out of poverty. By meeting basic needs of hunger relief, housing and education, Action Ministries removes barriers so Georgians can break the cycle of poverty and realize their potential.

The Situation

Action Ministries realized they had a fragmented, unorganized platform with no clear, united message to encourage supporters to provide money, resources and time. Specifically, on the original website there was limited access to post updates on events or news about the organization. There was also no connection between the original Action Ministries website and the organization’s social media profiles.

Problem Solved

The Mopdog website development team created a unified platform so several Action Ministries offices across Georgia could each manage their own page by adding specific content and connecting to unique social media profiles. Even with these separate branches, Mopdog also created a unified corporate website.