City of Marietta
Public Sector


Marietta is the largest city in Cobb County, Georgia, making it one of metro Atlanta’s biggest suburbs. In the past few years, residents and elected officials have been investing in land development and infrastructure improvements to entice businesses to move to the area and capitalize on the educated workforce.


After seeing the successful growth of neighboring communities in the metro Atlanta area and other southeast states, Marietta’s economic development team wanted to promote the city as a destination. It was also critical to draw in young couples as future residents—moving to Marietta for the family-friendly, safe neighborhoods with an expanding trail system for walking and biking.


Marietta is known for its heritage, but the content and imagery the Mopdog team created for a high-end ad campaign showed a younger, trendier, vibrant scene. Much of the content for the campaign appealed to an overall healthy lifestyle, using language like “live better.” Several ads of various sizes and content length were completely designed in house by Mopdog to reflect why anyone should “get invested” in Marietta.