Cobb County School District
Public Sector

About the Client

In 2008, the Cobb County School District (CCSD) received one of the largest grants in the 10-year history of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative. CCSD’s program, Success for All Students (SFAS), provides school-based mental health services aimed at decreasing disciplinary events, improving attendance, promoting academic achievement and, ultimately, increasing graduation rates.

The Situation

CCSD needed a public image for SFAS that would resonate with a wide range of target audience groups, including students, parents, teachers, community stakeholders, school district personnel and the board. If successful, the campaign would push SFAS to be sustained by only stakeholder funding at the end of the grant period.

Problem Solved

Mopdog met with internal and external stakeholders to identify key messaging and themes, in order to develop a new brand for this important initiative. The exact goals of the grant were researched by Mopdog, and the desired outcome was achieved.