Cheryl Musial

Chief Strategy Officer
  • Background:

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Michigan

  • Stats:

    Cheryl has been a Mopdog pack member since the beginning. With 20 years in sales and marketing, Cheryl actively consultants in the health care industry, applies her experience to local, regional, national and global companies and serves on numerous boards and non-profit organizations.

  • When Unleashed:

    Cheryl jumps through hoops and performs major juggling tricks to keep up with her two wild boys and their busy schedules.

  • Words to Live By:

    Life is most precious when you are the Man in the Arena.

  • Breed:

    German Shepherd—gets the job done, always happy to sink their teeth into hard work, loyal, dedicated, digs exercise and being outdoors, but draws the line at anything too ridiculous.